Menus Items Explained

The menu items  are used to organize Michael’s website.  Included in each of the paper menu items are Michael’s papers, presentations, events and publically disclosed projects. 

  1. 2000-2015 has his 2000-2015 papers
  2. 2006-2010 has his 2006-2010 papers
  3. 2011-2015 has his 2011-2015 papers
  4. 2016-2018 has his  2016-2018 papers
  5. 2019 will have his 2019 papers
  6. J. Sol. Energy Eng has Michael’s two Journal of Solar Energy Engineering papers 
  7. Michael’s 34 Abstracts has the Abstracts for his 34 papers
  8. Michael’s Open Access Résumé (CV) is here

The Chicago River “Valley” in the Cook County Forest Glen Forest Preserve