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The menu items are used to organize this website.  Included in each of the paper menu items are Michael’s papers, presentations, events and publically disclosed projects. 

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  13. J. Sol. Energy Eng has Michael’s two Journal of Solar Energy Engineering (JSEE) papers
  14. Michael’s Open Access Résumé (CV) is here

Michael is a fee-based expert on the finances of renewable energy projects. His most recent work has been on the hydrogen economy. Consider asking Michael to help you. His contact information is below.

Michael is in private practice.

The Chicago River (beyond and then below the trees) flowing in the Forest Glen Woods of the Cook County (Illinois) Forest Preserve District

Michael suggests that you download a curated selection of his papers along with their worksheets, oral presentations and posters. Michael’s 2023 papers will be available for downloading after they are presented.

Michael Looks Forward to Working With You in 2023

Michael STAVY, Advisor on Renewable Energy Project Finance