Michael's 2021 Papers

Below are my 2021 Papers for you to download. Thank you for your interest.

Below is my ePoster which I presented at the June 7-10, Clean Power 2021 Virtual Event. My ePoster is based on my white paper, Is Power to Gas Technology Ready for Prime Time on the North American Electric and Natural Gas Grid? A Guide for Bankers and Their Engineers, I will also be attending the December 7-8, 2021 Trade Show in Salt Lake City. I will be driving to SLC from Georgetown, CO (not DC or TX). Hope to do meet you there.

I will be in SLC to meet you and to discuss my e-Poster and my White Paper with you.

Below is my Clean Power 2021 White Paper. My Clean Power 2021 ePoster is based on my white paper.

Below is my Clean Power 2021 White Paper’s Excel P2G Plant LCOG Financial Algorithm Workbook. The current version of my paper’s Workbook only has the H2 Electrolyzer (HE) Worksheet. Your as a reader of my white paper will know why only the HE Worksheet is required.

I am available to help clients understand the finances of the P2G Technology.

I went up the road to the Grays and Torreys Peak Trailhead (Clear Creek County, CO). Is this a planet worth saving or what?

I also walked up the Guanella Pass Road (Clear Creek County, CO) before it was open to the public for the summer.