Michael's 2006-2010 Papers

PAPER at the 2010 European Wind Energy Conference, 20-23 April, Warsaw, Poland

The 2010 Icelandic Volcano did not stop Michael. He took one of the last rent-a-cars out of Paris to drive to Warsaw.

Michael presented his paper, The Effect That a US Signature on a Kyoto-II Climate Change Mitigation Treaty (or an Equivalent US Domestic Change Mitigation Policy Will Have on the US Wind Industry), at the 2010 European Wind Energy Conference, 20-23 April, Warsaw, Poland.

This is a revised title. Michael’s paper was originally titled The effect of COP 15 (Copenhagen 2009) on the US Wind Industry.  The original title would have made for a brief paper.

Click the Poster Presentations Link at the EWEC 2010 website https://tinyurl.com/ltowa56  

Just so you know. The 2013 COP 19 was held 11-22 November in Warsaw.  The 2014 COP 20 was held in Lima, Peru. The 2015 COP 21 was held in Paris where the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement was signed. 

Michael’s paper is PO #40.  It is listed in the Poster Topic: “Carbon Prices, Emissions Trading other climate Change Policies and Investment Decisions”. 

The cost of generating renewable electricity from wind, PV, solar thermal does not increase once it is installed. Demand and market forces as well as the cost of generation determine the market price of renewable electricity. This is because most of the cost is fixed and the fuel is free.  Michael’s analysis, The Cost of Solar Electricity from Abengoa’s Arizona CSP Plant with Storage, based on The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article, Rebecca Smith, Staff Reporter, Solar Plant to Generate Power After Sundown, December 31, 2010 is available.

Michael is an advisor on the finances of renewable energy projects. His most recent work has been on the hydrogen economy. Consider asking Michael to advise you. His contact information is below.

Michael suggests that you download a curated selection of his papers along with their worksheets, oral presentations and posters. Michael’s 2023 papers will be available for downloading after they are presented.

Michael is in private practice.

Michael STAVY, Advisor on Renewable Energy Project Finance