J.Sol. Energy Eng

PAPER in the February, 2005 Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

Stavy, M, The Carbon Content of Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel Produced By Hydrogen Electrolysis, was published in the Journal of Solar Energy Engineering (JSEE), February, 2005, Vol 127, Page 161.      https://tinyurl.com/yca6tp36

ABSTRACT This paper discusses the four points in Kreith and Isler’s August, 2002 Journal of Solar Energy Engineering  Discussion Note, Comments Dealing with Fuel Cell Energy Policy and Renewable Energy. The paper compares the carbon emissions (gm-CO2/mi) of the current US passenger gasoline vehicle (GV) fleet with a proposed US passenger hydrogen vehicle (HV)fleet. The paper uses the efficiency method to compute of the carbon content (gm-CO2/gal-H2) of hydrogen vehicle fuel (HVF) produced by a hydrogen electrolyzer (HE).  The carbon content of the electricity (gm-CO2/kWh) used to power a HE is used to compute the carbon content of the HVF. The fuel efficiency (mpg) of the current US GV fleet and of the proposed HV fleet are used to compute the carbon emissions of the two fleets. Kreith and Isler’s four points are demonstrated for H2 from a  HE. Equations and a list of abbreviations are provided.    

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