J.Sol. Energy Eng

PAPER in the August 2002 Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

Stavy, M, A Finance Worksheet for Computing the Cost (¢/kWh) of Solar Electricity Generated at a Grid Connected Photovoltaic (PV)Generating Plant (LCOE), Journal of Solar Energy Engineering (JSEE), August,2002, Vol 124, Page 319.

This paper was one of the top 10 articles downloaded from the JSEE website in the following months:  November, 2006, December, 2007; February, 2008 and October, 2008.   https://tinyurl.com/yatsour7

ABSTRACT–This paper discusses the technical, financial, and economic principles underlying the levelized cost method of computing the cost of solar electricity. Topics include the levelized cost method, solar radiation, solar panel efficiency, depreciation, cost of capital, fixed and variable operating and maintenance costs, and taxes. The paper includes the worksheet, ‘‘Levelized Cost Worksheet for a 1 kW Solar Electric Generating Plant.’’ Its benchmark values are for a model solar plant located in Chicago, IL. The paper discusses these benchmark values as it analyzes the worksheet’s constants (capacity-1 kW, 8,760 hr/yr), independent variables (capital cost-$/kW, cost of capital-%, physical life-yr, standard sun hours, fixed and variable O & M expense), and dependent variables (capital amortization expense, capacity factor, cost of solar electricity).  

You have to purchase this paper directly from the publisher

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