Michael’s Background


    Burning fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, oil) supplies most of the energy in the industrial economies. The use of this chemical energy in economic production is one of the key characteristics of the industrial nations. The use of non-human and non-animal energy is so important to industrial societies that energy, itself, is now an additional factor of production. This was not explicitly observed in the pre-industrial era. Energy must now be added as a fourth factor to the three classical factors of economic production; land, labor and capital. Because energy is a factor of production in industrial society, its production and its use is complicated.

Source: Stavy, Michael,The Effect That the Kyoto Protocol Will Have on the Cost of Wind Power in the Signatory Countries, Global WindPower 2002 Conference, 2-5 April, Paris, France 

  • Senior advisor (28 years) on renewable energy finance
  • Michael can advise you on the finances of your wind power, solar energy, energy storage, and hydrogen projects
  • Michael can advise you on the finances of carbon mitigation credits and taxes
  • BA–University of Illinois at Chicago (1967). Michael took math through differential equations and one year of both physics and chemistry.
  • MBA–Kellogg (Northwestern) Graduate School of Management, Day Program, (1969) 
  • CPA–Illinois (1979)
  • CPA–Registered Illinois (1980-1986)
  • Michael’s Private Résumé (CV) is available to members of the public if they are considering Michael for a work assignment. Email Michael (his email address is below) with your proposed work assignment and he will decide whether to email you a copy of his Private Résumé (CV)
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  • Google Scholar has reported (2018) that Michael’s 34 papers/presentations have been cited 17 times http://goo.gl/ZZirpy 
  • The location of the Abstracts for Michael’s 34 papers/presentations is now listed on the website menu. 
  • Michael does Financial Reviews for the 2015 Paris Climate Accord and for the 2017 Chicago Climate Charter 
  • Michael can advise you on the finances of your climate mitigation strategy
  • Michael’s last name, STAVY, is in capital letters on this website because French was the host language for the 2015 Paris Climate Change Accord. In French the family name is CAPITALIZED. (This is Michael’s story and he is sticking to it)
  • For some climate fun, Michael recommends that potential clients go to https://tinyurl.com/y7p9z2ty  Michael plans to add to his just plain renewable energy finance fun section in the near future. Now he has to go out and have some fun. 
  • For some serious global warming analysis, Michael recommends that potential clients visit the U-Tube  video on why the Kyoto Protocol failed @  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcxL7jN4akw 

WELCOME—Michael launched this his new website on 12/01/18 after 20 years at  his old website  http://www.nvo.com/stavy   His old web host retired on 12/01/18.  Good-By old web host!  Who knew that one could already retire from a tech company.

French Route N-7 in Provence  

The image at the top of this page is a foot bridge over the  North Branch (at Monticello Ave–Albany Park) of the Chicago River.  Michael has lived along the Chicago River for 54 years. The first 12 of these 54 years he lived with his parents in Albany Park.

Below is an historical image of one of the Chicago River Fish that Michael swam with as a child.

Above is Michael’s mountain cabin in Georgetown, Colorado. Michael meets with clients at their offices, at Michael’s Chicago office and at his Georgetown mountain cabin.

In a case study for his WindEurope 2018 paper,  https://tinyurl.com/ya5gekbf , Michael used the Cabin Creek Pumped Hydro Storage Plant, a utility-scale [300 MW | 1,450 MWh] Pumped Storage Plant located in Clear Creek County, CO. Georgetown, CO is the county seat of Clear Creek County.